5 Continuous Localization Questions to Ask

Here and there, continuous localization (CL) is everywhere. But exactly how continuous is the approach of your language services provider (LSP)?

One can notice a shiny “CL” label sparkling on almost every offer now. If you dedust the diamond, however, you’ll see that CL providers (be it a TMS or LSP) still try to charge a minimum fee. This means five words will cost you the same as 100 words.

Moreover, the turnaround time for a tiny text translated into multiple languages turns out to be 24 hours or more. This means the text won’t be ready when the clock strikes twelve.

Is this continuous enough? We think it’s debatable.

Source: Nimdzi Insights & Igor Afanasyev of Evernote

To assess the process before merrily hopping on board of a chosen localization carriage, you should ask your fairy godmothers the following:

  1. Is there a minimum fee applied?
  2. How often can I submit a string to localize and how long it will take?
  3. How do they work with private repositories?
  4. What happens if the developers change the same line, and you need to send the newest version to translation (not translating the previous one)?
  5. What context is visible for translators and how?

Depending on what your potential partner vendor replies, you should have an idea of translation automation, speed, and cost.

This information will help you to either agree to their offer or pick another way to the ball.

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