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Nimdzi means knowledge. Nimdzi means analysis. Nimdzi means insight. 

Nimdzi also means that you have a new best friend to help you navigate your way through the language services industry! We provide industry reporting, insights and consulting, drawing upon our decades of combined experienced. Our passion is seeing companies succeed. Our privilege is being a part of that process. 


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  • LocationLocationLocation

    Location, Location, Location! Where the top LSPs set up shop

        Location, Location, Location! Where Top LSPs Set Up Shop –  Report Summary –  Language service is, by definition, a global industry. LSBs (Language Service Buyers) need to rely upon a network of LSPs (Language Service Providers) to help them on their journey to complete world domination increasing their global footprint. How do LSPs […]

  • OnlineConsumptionIndexHeader

    Money spent online: who, where, and how much?

    Money spent online: who, where, and how much? –  Report summary –  The future of business is online. Online subscription services stream music directly to end users without ever having to ship an album. The growth of online activity even affects companies that sell physical goods in brick and mortar stores, as it is making […]

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  • Fish

    Like fish in a pond – Employee churn in localization

    (guest blog) Working in the language business is very much like being a fish, swimming in a pond of murky water. On most days, I cannot see past the end of my nose. You see, I’ve no idea how big my pond is. I heard it’s big, yes. Yet it’s kind of difficult to take in, […]

  • Jello Image

    The Jell-O Effect

    (guest blog) I’m the kind of guy who likes to learn something useful each day. Recently, I read about an interesting concept. It’s called the Jell-O effect. I’m sharing it with you too now, the altruist I am. It just might help you to better understand one of the many facets of the localization business.Before we […]

  • tiger3

    Welcome to the localization jungle

    Perhaps you’re just starting a career in localization. Maybe you’re here because you’re a buyer looking for information to better help you understand what’s in store for you. If you’re an industry veteran, you may greet industry newcomers with a polite (imaginary) tip of the hat, smirking knowingly because you remember what it was like […]

  • 0011061_the-snake-oil-salesman_1000

    Don’t sell snake oil

    I’ve been working in the language services industry for a while now, so I used to think that I was already familiar with all of the TMS systems there were. I was right about this for a while. However, these days it seems there is a new language technology provider (LTP) popping up every week. […]

  • book2

    The General Theory of the Translation Company – First Chapter

    Welcome to the language services industry! If you are already an industry veteran, then welcome to your opportunity to get a new perspective on the industry! It is a good place to be. We have fun here and we hope you will as well. And why wouldn’t you? This is by far the most fascinating […]

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